Trends that Resurface Every Winter

Whether you like it or not, it cannot be denied that the cooler months have a huge effect on your behaviour.

No longer are days spent lounging around on the deck with the barbeque sizzling and a glass of champagne in hand. Now, it’s all about snuggling up indoors with the fire on and a hot mug of tea held close.

However, with this change in behaviour comes a change in the way we look at our homes. And while the trends may come and go, there are three ways to prepare your interiors for winter that people keep coming back to: layering, lighting and entertaining. 


Go layer crazy this winter. Think plush rugs, throws, cushions, bed linen and curtains. Embrace colour and texture like knits, plaid and linen.

All of these elements will provide interest, depth and a sense of abundance to your space. Some important points to remember: use a variety of widths and heights, go for balance (not symmetry) and pick a statement piece for each space. Embrace colour and texture like knits, plaid and linen.


When it’s summer and it doesn’t get dark until late, lighting isn’t top of mind, but when it’s winter, things change. Create a sense of warmth and coziness with mood lighting, such as table and floor lamps. Also put your candles to good use and create that lovely glow with wintery, spicy fragrances.



Instead of entertaining in your alfresco area, the arrival of winter means you’ll be spending a good amount of time in your living and dining room. This means it’s time to bring out the slow cooker for beautiful soups and stews served in big mugs and bowls. 

Put a bigger focus on beautiful napery as your style goes more formal in the winter months.

Naomi Findlay