You’ll swear by us. Not at us.

You have many decisions to make when selling your home. But choosing your real estate consultant is number one. Your emotional state – and sale price – depends on it.

Here’s why JMRE Real Estate is a smart choice.

Relationships built on trust and respect

So what should you look for in a real estate consultant?

You want someone who knows their stuff. Knowledge and experience are vital. But selling your home can be emotional, so you also want someone with the right personal qualities. Someone who’s calm, pragmatic and trustworthy.

At JMRE Real Estate, our clients choose us because of the people we are. We’re down-to-earth and respectful. We listen attentively. We communicate openly. And we genuinely put your needs first.

Private sale specialists

Experience shows that, when executed skillfully, private sales achieve better results than auctions. They cost less. And they’re less stressful.

At JMRE Real Estate private sales are our specialty. With countless success stories behind us, we’ve mastered the art of private sale negotiation. We’re committed to securing your ideal price and settlement terms – in the shortest time possible.

Honest quoting. Seriously.

Most real estate agents like to overvalue your property. A seductive ploy to win your business.

But at JMRE Real Estate we practise honest and accurate quoting. When we appraise your home, we support it. With evidence. We openly share results we’ve achieved for comparable properties in your local area.

Working close with buyers

Buyers applaud our honest and ethical sale process. Many buyers avoid typical selling strategies and refuse to buy at auction. We earn their trust and know their maximum budgets. We spend a great deal of time qualifying buyers before they are brought to your home, which means no strangers or neighbors wandering through your home. We have hundreds of potential buyers ready to buy now. Ask us about our Enquiry Logs.

Marketing Exposure that leaves an Impression

Our Marketing Department will ensure that your property is presented in a way that is designed to sell. From DL cards to online campaigns and beyond, our marketing team works closely with the agent to ensure that they have the tools to promote your property with the consistency, creativity and attention to detail that the JMRE group brand has become known.We know how to deliver maximum, targeted exposure that leaves an impression for your property.

Maximising the value of your property 

JMRE Real Estate have affiliations with property styling speicalises in styling properties for sale using a range of furniture, artwork and accessories on a rental arrangement. This unique service offering has been designed to maximize the appeal of a property to a potential purchaser, and at the same time drive up the sale price.If your looking for an honest and down-to-earth real estate consultancy to sell your home, contact JMRE Real Estate today.

Thousands of testimonials

This proves to you that we have left a path of happiness behind.

If you’re looking for an honest and down-to-earth real estate consultancy to sell your home,contact JMRE Real Estate today.

Finally, there’s a better way to sell your home

Private sales only

Auctions are stressful, costly and unpredictable. They’re also less likely to deliver the best result. Think about it. If no one competes with the final bidder’s price, who knows how much higher they would’ve bid?

Conversely, a well-executed private sale campaign will attract ‘heart-buyers’- buyers ready and willing to pay your first asking price.

At JMRE Real Estate your home will be promoted at the highest possible price the market will bear.

A focus on electronic media

Today’s modern buyers seldom read newspapers. They prefer ‘real-time’information that targets their specific needs.

JMRE Real Estate knows how to leverage the power of the internet. We’ll get your property óut there’ via a well-executed online campaign integrating web, email and social media. And it won’t cost you the earth.

Securing top prices

At JMRE Real Estate we ask all interested parties to sign a Buyer’s Price Declaration – a key ingredient to securing you the best price for your home.

A Buyer’s Price Declaration means that no buyer is privy to a competing buyer’s offer. This encourages each buyer to offer their top price – without being influenced by other offers.

If you’re looking for an ethical and effective way to sell your home, contact JMRE Real Estate today.