Our Approach

Finally, there’s a better way to sell your home

Private sales only

Auctions are stressful, costly and unpredictable. They’re also less likely to deliver the best result. Think about it. If no one competes with the final bidder’s price, who knows how much higher they would’ve bid?

Conversely, a well-executed private sale campaign will attract ‘heart-buyers’- buyers ready and willing to pay your first asking price.

At JMRE Real Estate your home will be promoted at the highest possible price the market will bear.

A focus on electronic media

Today’s modern buyers seldom read newspapers. They prefer ‘real-time’information that targets their specific needs.

JMRE Real Estate knows how to leverage the power of the internet. We’ll get your property óut there’ via a well-executed online campaign integrating web, email and social media. And it won’t cost you the earth.

Securing top prices

At JMRE Real Estate we ask all interested parties to sign a Buyer’s Price Declaration – a key ingredient to securing you the best price for your home.

A Buyer’s Price Declaration means that no buyer is privy to a competing buyer’s offer. This encourages each buyer to offer their top price – without being influenced by other offers.

If you’re looking for an ethical and effective way to sell your home, contact JMRE Real Estate today.