Technology Rules The Real Estate Industry

So much has changed in the past twenty years in the real estate industry!  It’s easy to see why many agents have failed to keep up and why more dinosaurs are becoming extinct. Offices had no computers, just a typewriter and a photocopier!  The Internet was unheard of, as was Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Google, Google Maps,, iPads and smart phones!

Agents depended on newspapers to find buyers and buyers depended on newspapers to find properties!

Nowadays it’s a completely different story! One in six property searches is now done on a mobile device. Less than ten percent of buyers look in a newspaper (yet some agents still like to take tens of thousands of dollars each week from their clients to advertise their brand) and the property magazine is already a thing of the past.

84% of real estate agents already use social media. Newsletters are sent by email instead of Australia Post. And even Open Homes are on the way out, accounting for just 12% of buyer sourcing. So how will you find your next property? How did you find your last one? It’s a far cry from meeting an agent at an office window and spending day after day driving around in a car, looking at an endless array of unsuitable properties! I wonder how long before all our listings will be displayed in 3D?