Best Time To Sell

What is the best time of the year to sell one’s property?

Some say spring because the weather is great and the property looks its’s best. During spring time the garden is full of colour.

Many will say winter is a bad time to sell because it’s cold and wet and there’s no colour in the garden. But a well presented home can still look good no matter what season we are in.

It is true that there are fewer properties on the market in winter compared to the warmer summer months. But this does not necessarily mean winter is a bad time to sell. On the contrary you may find marketing your property in winter can present some good opportunities.

If you are selling in spring, your property is one of many on the market. the competition with a larger number of properties for sale may reduce your chances of getting a high price.

A smarter time to be selling is when there are few properties on the market competing with yours. This may well be during the winter months.

Real Estate sales are an all year round business. People sell for many reasons. They may get married, divorce, deceased, have babies, transfer interstate or overseas, or they may move to be closer to a certain school. No matter what time of the year people sell and buy property,  is dictated by their particular circumstances.

Because everyone’s personal and financial situations are different the best time to sell your property is when it suits you. Don’t worry about the seasons. There are buyers ready to buy at all times of the year.