West Melbourne

West Melbourne is well-suited for those looking for a more independent lifestyle without the need for family-friendly amenities, so the majority of West Melbourne residents tend to be single or couples with no children, but you will find a few families raising their kids here too.

West Melbourne boasts of warehouse conversions and provides doorstep city fringe living. Flagstaff Gardens provide relaxing green space and nearby Victoria Market means fresh produce is always close to hand. The waterfront at Docklands is an easy saunter for restaurants and events, while North Melbourne’s Errol Street is your closest set of neighbourhood strip shops, with trendy cafes and niche supermarkets.

If you want to live close – but not that close - to the action, West Melbourne is worth exploring. This semi-industrial enclave, with its trend for new apartment complexes, is well-located for the CBD and the neighbourhood charms of North Melbourne, and makes the rest of the West – Footscray, the Maribyrnong River – a breeze to get to.