Company Profile

A little passion can go a long way

We love real estate. But we love helping people even more.

As long-time business owners, we decided to move into real estate several years ago – for two reasons. First, weve always loved homes. For their warmth. Their uniqueness. And for the special stories they tell.

But we also chose Real Estate because we love helping people. And tha’s what JMRE Real Estate is all about – helping people embark on their next journey. With expert advice, sincerity and respect every step of the way.

About John and Mary Sdregas

JMRE Real Estate is owned and operated by us, John and Mary Sdregas.



“Every real estate agent should know how to negotiate. It takes experience, skill and strong determination. But negotiation isn’t just about getting what you want. It’s also about maintaining your integrity and self-respect.

My mantra? To always put myself in other people’s shoes and treat them with the respect they deserve. Vendors, buyers, investors and tenants alike.”



“Real Estate consulting is perfectly suited to my personality – because I genuinely love people. And I feel privileged to be in an industry that gives me the opportunity to help so many people achieve their goals.

I look forward to making your experience with JMRE Real Estate a rewarding one.”


The JMRE Team

A dynamic and energetic team, which is totally dedicated to producing successful outcomes for every client.

Every member of the JMRE team works by a scheme of outstanding Personalised service, hard work, dedication and going the extra mile. We are professional in all of our conduct, with a spirit of excellence and we continually seek to improve ourselves through ongoing training and personal development.

As a team we represent a broad range of complementary skills, which provide each client with all of the services they require for the sale or management of their property, along with good communications and prompt administrative support.

We understand the responsibility of representing our clients.

If you’re looking for real estate consultants who genuinely love what they do, contact JMRE Real Estate today.